Covid Learning: Virtual Vs. In – Person

Bianca Nalli


Hello everyone, My name is Bianca Nalli and I am a fourth year Professional Communication Student at Ryerson University.  Being born and raised in Toronto, Ryerson University was a no brainer to continue my education. As my university experience comes to an end, I am excited to apart of this years Signify Showcase and present my research project. Since the pandemic has turned our worlds upside down over the past few years, It is finally time to get back to our normal everyday lives, I am excited to graduate and travel.

Research Summary

This research project examines aspects such as accessibility, affordability, safety. mental health and academic success of  *Ryerson* University students who have experienced the switch from in person learning to virtual learning amid the pandemic. While we begin the transition back to in person classes, some students have opted to stay online or have shown preference in virtual learning. The goal of this research is to find out what makes virtual learning more appealing than in person learning for some and vice versa. The research was conducted through the distribution of surveys and in person interviews. In my research  thus far, I have found that the majority of participants prefer virtual learning over in person learning. The data results show virtual students had better academic success, easier accessibility and even spent less money yet in contrast, a greater sense of accomplishment, better mental states and more class engagement ruled in favour of in person learning.  


InPersonLearning, VirtualLearning, Education, Accessibility, Affordability, AcademicSuccess, MentalHealth, Safety

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