The Effects of Social Media on Romantic Relationships

Dehana Hassen

Portrait of Dehana Hassen


Dehana Hassen was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. While attending Ryerson University, she majored in professional communication and minored in public relations. She hopes to pursue her career further in public relations especially, to apply her skills in digital marketing, branding, and content creation.

Research Summary

With communicative technology being incorporated into daily lives, it suggests that more research is necessary regarding social media and its effects on the health of individuals and interpersonal communications. By looking at social networking sites (SNS) such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, this research will aim to acknowledge social media’s role in unsuccessful or successful relationships (if any). A total of 30 individuals who are active users of social media aged from 18-39 years old completed an online survey with a combination of qualitative and quantitative questions. The survey will be analyzed through a descriptive research design to seek the status of the identified variables of whether there is a relationship between social media and relationships. Currently, the research does show cases of negative effects on romantic relationships through variables of insecurity, jealousy, worry for infidelity, and more.


social media, relationships, digital media

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