Political Socialization of Children

Tiffany Mayhew


Hi! My name is Tiffany Mayhew. I am a 4th year Professional Communications student at Ryerson University with a double minor in Public Relations and Human Resources Management. As of June 2021, I have received my Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation issued by the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA). I have a strong passion for discourse analysis exploring topics such as truth, power, and propaganda messaging together with Indigenous studies. I strive to understand others’ perspectives and do my part in making the future a better place for all.

Research Summary

A growing concern in recent years has been the influence of individuals’ political alignment. From technology firms influencing votes through social media and advertising to false claims made by politicians regarding rigged voting systems, everyone appears to be concerned about the potential of political influence. In this research, political influence will be investigated from a familial standpoint; parent-to-child influence. This research is concerned with determining how parents can politically influence their children. In essence, this study seeks to explore what mechanism(s) are used to influence a child’s political beliefs and what effect(s) this has on a child as a young adult.


child socialization; parent influence; teaching methods

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