Concert Tickets: The Buying Experience

Rachel Reid


Rachel Reid (she/her) was born and raised in Toronto. Alongside her major in professional communication, she has minored in marketing. She aims to get a job in the event planning or marketing sphere. She hopes to move to New York City in the next couple of years to continue to live in a major city where there are ample opportunities to grow, at both a personal level and in her career.

Research Summary

This research project examines consumers experiences buying concert tickets, comparing their experiences using the primary and secondary markets. The research aimed to look at whether the expansion of secondary ticket sales websites have made consumers experiences more or less enjoyable. After conducting an analysis of the data collected, it has been found that the majority of consumers prefer the primary market. After conducting open coding, four main factors that impact people’s decision to buy tickets have been found. These four factors are price, trust, level of stress, and number of tickets available.


concerts; events; tickets; consumer experience

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