Communication Methods & Civic Engagement

David Jardine


My name is David (they/he) and I am in my final year of Professional Communication at X University. I started in the Computer Science program in 2015, and transferred to ProCom in 2019. I am passionate about activism, digital and print communication, and community building. Through my time in university, I learned I love working with technology but I equally enjoy working with people (hence the transfer to ProCom). I love to design and create content that can have an impact on people’s lives, whether it be making a fun video to bring a few seconds to joy to someone’s day, to working on a communication plan for a non-profit that helps their community.

Research Summary

Civic engagement is the practice of being involved in the decision making processes of your community, whether that be where you live, work, study, travel etc. and in general being an active member in your community. Indicators of civic engagement include election turnout, attendance at important meetings or events, and much more. These indicators of civic engagement have been showing low amounts of engagement from the younger crowds and the blame is often one-sided. This research project will examine how younger citizens want these organizations, governments and more to communicate with them and how, if at all, these groups can change their approach to increase civic engagement.


Government; Social Media

Lightning Talk

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