Art Implementation in High School Curriculums

Jude Al Dawudi


My name is Jude Al Dawudi, I’m a fourth year student at X University pursuing a degree in Professional Communications. I have always had a strong passion and growing interest with the world of art and plan on pursuing a masters degree of graphic and interior design in the future. During my years at university, I began to experiment with graphic design and the creation of digital collages which resulted in the creation of my Instagram page known as ‘JudesMoodss’. My art revolves around merging elements from both Western and Eastern cultures in hopes of creating meaningful art that everyone can relate to.

Research Summary

The purpose of this research is to further explore the implementation of arts in Jordanian and Canadian high school curriculums, and examine how the art(s) enhances and develops social and cognitive skills and benefits students in the long term. 



art; education; Jordan; Canada; research

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