Trust and Participation Affecting Conversions in Influencer Marketing


McOuat, Claire

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My name is Claire McOuat, and I am a fourth-year Professional Communication student at Ryerson University with a completed Business Law minor.

I am a positive, extroverted person with a strong ability to listen. These qualities have allowed me to build strong relationships both personally and professionally. My passions for communication and networking have afforded me diverse career experiences from customer service to marketing. The opportunity to grow as a Professional Communication student at Ryerson led me to my internship experience in digital marketing. This has equipped me to effectively craft a message for a specific audience while navigating and adapting to today’s dynamic media landscape. I am excited to be completing my degree at Ryerson and to have the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills I have acquired throughout my degree in a field that presents new challenges and lessons that continue to allow me to grow as a professional communicator.



Influencer marketing is a marketing initiative that has become increasingly popular, particularly as a strategy geared at Millennials. Despite more and more companies investing more capital into influencer marketing as their primary marketing effort, there is still not much legitimate research on why this channel is successful or statistical data surrounding the correlation between Millennials and influencer marketing. This applied research analyzes Millennials in relation to success rates of influencer marketing as an approach through a parallel mixed methods study. More specifically, this research uses a quasi-experimental paradigm, identifying the causal relationship of whether influencer marketing has become the most successful conversion generating marketing strategy relative to increased participation and trust. The research is interested in the statistical data of influencer marketing’s success rates and Millennials’ emotions towards marketing initiatives with the shift to the more interactive approach.

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marketing; digital marketing; influencer marketing; conversions

Trust and participation affecting conversions in influencer marketing

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