An Examination of Cybersecurity Behaviours: Decision-Making Styles in the Digital Age


Ruzic, Simonida

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Simonida Ruzic is a fourth-year Professional Communication student at Ryerson University with a minor in French. Throughout her undergrad, Simonida concentrated her writing and research around ethical communication and theories of technology. Simonida has thoroughly explored topics including social, cultural, and political approaches to communication and technological impact throughout history.

Simonida has experience working in Toronto’s most reputable not-for-profit organization and is a freelancing graphic designer for a variety of clients. Currently, she is a Branding Executive and Website Coordinator at Ryerson Signify.

Simonida hopes to continue researching the ever-changing technological effects on society. Simonida plans to create her first non-fiction novel on advancing technologies and their impact on intercultural communication in order to pursue her goal of obtaining a rich, profound, and enlightening education on worldwide issues.



This research study, called “An Examination of Cybersecurity Behaviours: Decision-making Styles in the Digital Age” provides insight into university students’ experience with cybersecurity safety measures and threats by assessing how decision-making styles mediate cybersecurity issues.

This study sought to find to what extent behaviour plays a role in mediating cybersecurity incidents, what factors allow cybersecurity issues to occur and what would need to be changed in order to reduce the probability that it would recur?

The quantitative study completed collected sufficient data that provided insightful answers to these research questions. The findings concluded that impulsivity, unawareness and impatient tendencies are driving factors that may lead to cybersecurity incidents and threats. Behaviour plays an important role in how individuals act online.

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technology; cybersecurity; education; online safety; protection; privacy; hacking

An Examination of Cybersecurity Behaviours: Decision-Making Styles in the Digital Age

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