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Victoria Ta

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Victoria is a 4th year Professional Communications student at Ryerson University, hoping to continue her growth in the field of project and events management within the entertainment landscape. During her free time, she plays for a competitive Toronto Women's ultimate frisbee team, and has competed in 2 national championships.


Within the last decade the internet and the emergence of SNS (social networking sites) have grown considerably with today's internet culture. With the current technology age, individuals become more and more dependent on the internet as it is incorporated into their daily lives. With the continual growth of the internet and social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., the emergent of e-commerce has become a large part of the economy.

Learning more about the effects of social media on purchase patterns and consumer purchase behaviours will ultimately enable the growing e-commerce economy and ensure continual success. Already it can be found that many large name companies and brands have moved into the e-commerce space to appeal to certain demographics.

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Social media, consumer purchasing, advertisements, marketing, purchase patterns, instagram
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