Sophie Waxlax

Sophie Waxlax

Born and raised in Montreal, I am currently finishing my final semester as a Professional Communication Student at Ryerson University located in downtown Toronto. Prior to moving to Toronto, I went to Miss Edgar’s and Miss Cramp’s School for Girls, where I received my high school diploma. After high school, I went to Dawson College and after two years graduated with a DEC in Honours Liberal Arts.


Art, specifically television, exposes us to different narratives and social situations unlike our own. As we watch captivating plotlines and characters, we invite them into our hearts and minds. As a result, Netflix has the power to change people’s perspectives. The television shows that push boundaries tend to be produced and shown on streaming platforms, such as Netflix. These platforms have more freedom to explore controversial themes, as they are not accessible to everyone and do not need to adhere to specific television guidelines. Recently, Canada had an election in which people had to determine what issues they valued most in order to decide who to vote for. While assessing the outcome, it is important to examine how and if Netflix’s original content impacts people’s political views. Currently, there does not exist material on the correlation between Netflix original television content and political views. As such, this line of research would be unique in its exploration on the impact of the Netflix phenomenon.

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Netflix, Politics, Television Shows, Values
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