Sara Elsadik

Sara Elsadik

Sara Elsadik is also doing a minor in psychology and is very much interested in continuing to study about the brain in the near future. Sara has written many other research papers on the intersection of technology and psychology, more specifically interpersonal relationships and social media use, growing perceived isolation amongst the population in the 21st century and more. In her free time, Sara enjoys listening to podcasts, singing, acting, and reading.


My research aims to assess effects of excessive phone use and potential phone addiction on the psychology of young adults in a North American context. My research looks at the addictive properties of smartphones and the resulting effects of potential phone addiction on the quality of life of individuals (social life, perceived loneliness, creativity, boredom, happiness, functional and structural changes to the brain, and more).

Sara Elsadik Research Poster

Project Tags

phone addiction, addiction, young adults, screen addiction, psychology,
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