Valentina Pranjic

Valentina Pranjic

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My name is Valentina and I graduate spring of 2020 from the Professional Communication program with a double minor in public relations and film studies from Ryerson University! Working in marketing roles in the GTA, I have built on my creative and business skillset using programs such as Google AdWords, Adobe Suites and Microsoft Office. Abroad I worked as a Team Manager overseeing a group of creatives driving traffic to local businesses in Zagreb, Croatia as well as studying creative business for a semester in the Netherlands. I was also heavily involved with the Ryerson community by writing and speaking at events for Ryerson International, volunteering with Tri-Mentoring and Go-Global and being actively involved within my local Croatian community. I wish to once more study abroad but this time to complete my masters degree. I am excited to start my career and am ready to see what the future holds!


This phenomenological research study explored and situated how out of body experiences play a role in shaping an individual’s life. I wanted to find a pattern of OBE occurrences within the lives of individuals to determine how it contributes to their self identity. My findings found that out of body experiences enlightened individuals and allowed them to find further meaning in their life. Most individuals attributed it as a positive experience that made them less judgemental and more connected to their innermost selves.

Valentina Pranjic Research Poster

Project Tags

out of body experiences; self identity; social behaviour
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