Natalie Janvary

Natalie Janvary

My name is Natalie Janvary, and I am a Communications student at Ryerson University graduating in the fall of 2020. I grew up in Niagara Falls, Ontario and have always had a passion for travelling. I was fortunate enough to spend a semester in Ghent, Belgium in the winter/spring of 2019. I hope to find a job in event planning or brand management, and possibly pursue graduate studies in the future.


The purpose of my capstone is to encourage young adults to travel outside of their hometown to promote independence and personal growth, gain a better understanding of the world, and potentially find a lifelong passion. Travelling builds your character in ways that only stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring a new place can.

Natalie Janvary Research Poster

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Travel, young, culture, social, growth, abroad, exchange
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