Megan Smith

Megan Smith

Megan Smith is wrapping up her final year in her Undergraduate program of Professional Communication at Ryerson University, Toronto ON. She is also minoring in Public Relations. Megan holds her passion for sports high, and strives to build a greater path for women in the sports industry. She plans to be a part of the communications and marketing team for a professional sports team after school.


My research topic is on the attitudes and experiences varsity athletes hold towards concussions. The topic of concussion is always relevant in sports, between athletes, coaching staff and management, and training staff. In professional sports, there have been attempts made to look out for the health of athletes who suffer from a concussion such as ‘concussion protocols’. Unfortunately, these protocols are not consistent between each league and professional sport. For my research I have chosen to look at varsity sports and their athletes who have suffered from a concussion and/ or know of a teammate who has shared the same experience. I want to find out how serious concussions are viewed in varsity sports between coaching staff and the players. Are the players viewed more as a product for the overarching business of varsity sports and they want them back playing as soon as they can, or is the athletes health a prime concern? Additionally, I want to learn about the attitudes of the athletes towards concussions in sports. I am doing this research because the topic of concussions has always struck me. As someone who watches a lot of sports (hockey, football, baseball, etc,.), I know as a fan that athletes who experience concussions sometimes never fully recover, and are almost always put back in to play before they are symptom

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Concussion, Varsity Sports, Mental Health
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