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Leslie Sinclair

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Leslie Sinclair is an experienced writer and professional communicator. After co-writing two annual reports for an indigenous womens' resource centre as a freelancer, she was compelled to return to university to pursue corporate storytelling as a career. As a non-fiction writer, her primary beats are feminism, technology, and subculture. Passionate about pushing underrepresented voices forward through communications and social media, she ultimately hopes to work as a communicator in a helping agency. Leslie is graduating from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication and a minor in sociology.


In the last week of August of both 2018 and 2019, a small group of Ryerson students who had previously participated in Thriving in Action, a resilience and study skills program, embarked on a four-night guided canoe trip (Portage) in Algonquin Provincial Park. Most of the participants had little or no camping or portaging experience, and many did not know each other prior to their trips. During these trips, intense bonds formed between the paddlers as they challenged themselves mentally and physically, worked together to manage camp, and slept in intimate proximity to one another. Following Portage, the paddlers participated in a group storytelling exercise facilitated by Student Affairs staff. This research explored the processes and effects of storytelling following those shared experiences.

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storytelling, organizational communication
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