Jemimah Galvez

Jemimah Galvez

I'm Jemimah Galvez, a Professional Communication student with a passion for the arts and people. I currently work within the Canadian music industry in artist and project management with The Post Office Inc. in Liberty Village. I've spent a lot of my university career immersed in the Toronto music scene, interning for Women in Music Canada, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, and working with Live Nation Canada. Equality and leveraging diversity are main focuses of mine. I hope to facilitate opportunities for marginalized groups, and to ultimately help others feel empowered to shatter boundaries that limit their full potential. This study is only a small part of my interests - there are so many aspects to this topic that I would be happy to discuss and grow my own knowledge about. I believe that mentorship is a large part of opening doors for other female-identifying professionals. Though more research must be done, I hope that is study is able to unlock the door to addressing issues and intersections that women face in the industry and on a daily basis. More importantly, I hope that it encourages you to ask questions and to create discussions.


There is a discrepancy in identifying the leadership roles that women in the music industry and female-identifying artists. This study looks to address that, to elevate women in the business side and to showcase the potential they hold. It tried to answer how to successfully direct the music business into making it more accessible to keen and passionate women looking to pursue leadership in music as a career and not only as musicians and artists.

Jemimah Galvez Research Poster

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women, music, women in music, mentorship, equality, intersectionality, representation, minorities, sistehood
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