Iva Pivalica

Iva Pivalica

Hi my name is Iva Pivalica! I am currently a fourth-year Professional Communication student at Ryerson University. I am interested in conducting research surrounding social and cultural phenomena and their incorporation within mass media products. More specifically, my research interests include queer and feminist theory, equity, gender, sexuality, diversity, performativity, and popular culture.


The relationship between science and journalism is complex, however it is vital in informing individuals within society to enable them to make critical, rational, and analytical decisions regarding the happenings in our world. The intentions and practices of scientists and journalists vary, however they do have one goal in common: to communicate with the masses regarding research and advancements within our society. This research project, analyzed a study titled “Finger Length Ratios of Identical Twins with Discordant Sexual Orientations” by Watts et al (2018) along with five news articles written about the study in order to investigate how journalists were framing scientific research that was uncertain and regarded the topic of sexuality. The methodology utilized for this research project was a qualitative discourse analysis, in which various reoccurring themes in the discourse were categorized and analyzed in relation to their context and the scientific research study. They were also compared with scholarly literature regarding similar topics of science communication in the news media.

Iva Pivalica Research Poster

Project Tags

Science Communication, Journalism, Science, Sexuality, Diversity, Equity, Discourse, Knowledge Translation, Qualitative Research
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