Bethlehem Mekonnen

Bethlehem Mekonnen

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Hello! I am a 24 year old student studying Professional Communications at Ryerson University, with a minor in Public Relations. My career interests lie within the entertainment or music industry, and my dream would be to work for an events promoter. I like travelling, taking photos, and one fun fact about me is that I love to collect merchandise from Starbucks.


The research I conducted was a look at the oversaturation within the beauty industry, and what effect it has on consumers and their opinions on brands as well as their purchasing habits. After reaching out to different beauty communities and asking for any interested participants to fill out an anonymous survey, data was collected and analyzed from over 40 participants. The results were coded and answered the three main research questions set out from the beginning, and delved into a deeper understanding of consumers reactions to the changes within the beauty industry.

Bethlehem Mekonnen Research Poster

Project Tags

Consumerism, Marketing, Make-Up, Beauty Industry
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