Anusa Sasikantharajah

Anusa Sasikantharajah

Anusa Sasikantharajah Portrait

Hi, my name is Anusa Sasikantharajah. I am a Communications major at Ryerson University. If I were to include a few things about me I would have to say I am passionate about topics that are related to education and children. As a second-generation immigrant, I have been breed to value education over any aspect of life. My parents immigrated to Canada in the 1980s in the hope of better education and future. However, my parents were disadvantaged in the working field just like other immigrants from around the world. I am a Canadian Tamil girl with a dream of equal education to you, me and everyone in between. I hope to enlighten key points such as the importance of education and how privileged I am to be living in Canada. I am just a girl who is trying to make a difference by educating one person at a time


My project analyzes the disadvantages and inequalities immigrants encounter with the personal experiences of an Indian international student in Canada and Canadian citizen to compare their experiences in the job market.

Anusa Sasikantharajah Research Poster

Project Tags

education, immigrants, inequality
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