Andrea Galarneau

Andrea Galarneau

Andrea Galarneau Portrait

Andrea Galarneau is a soon-to-be graduate, and a hard working creative, with a love for the sports and entertainment industries. She pours her heart and soul into every endeavour, and is inspired by every strong woman she encounters. Being passionate about sports and entertainment, she is eager to understand what makes them two of the most talked-about industries in the world. She is ready to take the professional world by storm.


This research is aimed to examine the audience analytics of the Raptors in comparison to the Leafs. The nature of this study was founded with the intent of comparing numerical data of the two sport organizations to understand what it means to be a sport fan in Toronto and how this meaning can be influenced by marketing initiatives of governed institutions, particularly MLSE.

Andrea Galarneau Research Poster

Project Tags

sports, marketing, quantitative, demographics, Leafs, Raptors
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