Alisha Dayaram

Alisha Dayaram

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Hi, I am a fourth-year international student from Bangkok who chose to investigate how racial discrimination is dealt with in Toronto. As an immigrant myself, I feel anxious about my future, despite my skills, due to the bias favoring Canadian-born applicants. I believe this is a pressing issue in today’s society, with more immigrants arriving and less employment occurring. Especially since Canada is considered a ‘multicultural’ country, there is still an overwhelming amount of discrimination against immigrants within workplaces, beginning right from the hiring process. I am excited to present my research, as the process was very endearing and informative. I truly hope it will contribute to promoting a need for an open working culture and increases acceptance of diversity.


This research study is aimed to understand the cognitive phenomenon of discrimination experienced amongst immigrants during the employment process. This research paper will be dissecting the phenomenon of discrimination, how it is presented, its effects and ways of coping, through the stories of Canadian immigrants.

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Project Tags

race, discrimination, socio-political
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