Albert Caayao

Albert Caayao

Albert Caayao is a fourth year Professional Communications student planning to graduate with a minor in Public Relations. He has a deep appreciation for digital communication, especially through social media. Albert is especially interested in how the Internet keeps people interconnected and the meanings behind pieces of communication. Albert also competes for the Ryerson Dragon Boat Club and enjoys reading, writing, and photography in his downtime.


This research project aims to discover the discourses surrounding Asian American identities through qualitative content analysis. Four Asian American content creators were chosen as subjects, and one respective video from each creator was chosen to be analyzed through qualitative coding. These separate analyses were combined to form one overarching grounded theory that covered the discourses and meanings analyzed. The grounded theory that was developed stated that discourses of Asian Americans identities on YouTube are those regarding empowerment, sharing, and reconciliation.

Albert Caayao Research Poster

Project Tags

discourse, identity, culture, socio-political issues, popular media, representation, empowerment, qualitative, grounded theory, content analysis, YouTube, Asian American, personal experiences
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