The Psychology of Influencer Marketing

The Psychology of Influencer Marketing

Maggie Zhu


Maggie Zhu is a digital marketing professional with 3+ years of experience in broadcast media and content management. She holds a B.A in Professional Communication with a minor in Psychology and has won several awards including the John Cross Memorial Award (2020), Les McIlroy Award (2022), and most recently, the Dennis Mock Leadership Award (2023). Her areas of expertise include digital marketing, media production, and social strategy. In her free time, she can be found at the library reading memoirs or around Toronto trying out new restaurants!

Research Summary

The rapid growth of social media in the last decade has completely changed how marketers build their businesses. Yet, there is still very little research exploring why this form of marketing has become so effective. This study seeks to examine the relationship between influencers and consumers from a psychological perspective, looking into theories such as social influence, parasocial relationships, and audience agency. Findings from the research seeks to better understand the current consumer market to determine why the use of influencers has become more effective than traditional marketing efforts.


Social Media, Business, Relationships, Marketing

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