Support for Children of Substance Abusers

Support for Children of Substance Abusers

Christina Salerno


My name is Christina Salerno and I am a fourth year Professional Communication student at Toronto Metropolitan University. Along with this, I have a minor in Public Relations which is currently the career path I wish to continue into after graduating from TMU. As I completed a PR internship this past summer, I enjoyed the work I was doing which validated my choice in completing the minor, and I have another PR internship lined up for the upcoming summer. What I’ve learned throughout the ProCom program has inspired me to research and education myself on issues of importance occurring in our world, and I take advantage of the skills I’ve learned throughout the past 4 years to do so.

Research Summary

My research project focuses on children of substance abusing parents and what professional support is available to them throughout North America. To conduct the research, 11 major professional mental health and addiction based organizations are collected and examined by the resources they provide specifically for children of substance abusers. The findings conclude that while the organizations do provide sufficient general support, and some support catered directly to children of substance abusers, there is not enough substantial and accessible help for this issue or to make a difference in changing substance abuse patterns.


Mental Health, Early Childhood Education, Society

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