Intersections of Fashion and Identity in International Students: Narratives from Toronto Metropolitan University

Intersections of Fashion and Identity in International Students: Narratives from Toronto Metropolitan University

Jessica Hupalo


With specializations in community event planning, project management and digital fashion marketing, Jessica is a multidisciplinary scholar, with an enthusiasm for event management and crisis communication. Throughout her academic career, Jessica has worked with various student groups, including INTRO; a student-run fashion show and art exhibit for TMU students, Mass Exodus; a large-scale runway show and exhibition for graduating School of Fashion students, and Signify; ProCom’s annual graduating student showcase and networking event. Jessica thrives on being a part of projects that provide opportunities for people to engage with local talent and art. Additionally, Jessica has worked on a project alongside Professional Communication Professor, Dr. Carolyn Kane, co-writing an article published by a visual culture academic journal. More information regarding this project can be found on the Professional Communication website.

Jessica holds a diploma in Fashion Marketing, and after graduating she plans to continue working within the TMU family, in the Global department and pursue a project management certificate. When she is not planning student events you can find her planning her next travel destination, playing sudoku or learning Spanish!

Research Summary

The purpose of this study is to analyze cross-cultural fashion and social identity for international students while attending post-secondary education at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU). International students face unique challenges in comparison to their domestic, Canadian counterparts, and this study aims to center the voices of international students and incite meaningful conversations around the intersections of international student identity in relation to dress. Qualitative research methods such as interviews were employed with students from Taiwan, China, United Arab Emirates/India and the Netherlands. The discussion invites individuals from the host country, including international individuals to unpack the intersectional experiences of students facing multiple challenges while living in a country that is not native to them. To view the project as a zine format, please visit:


Fashion, Culture, Student Life

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