Food Choice and Academic Performance

Food Choice and Academic Performance

Zachary Shaul


My name is Zachary Shaul and I’m in my 4th year of Professional Communication at Toronto Metropolitan University. I am very interested in food and was curious about why university students choose the foods and beverages they do daily. Food is a passion of mine and I always wanted to know why there is an association specifically between food (generally unhealthy options) and university students. As a result, many stereotypes were created by society members that perpetuate this link. The basis of my project uncovered if these stereotypes were still true today.

Research Summary

My project focused on whether a connection exists between the food and beverage choices students make and if those choices influence their academic performance. I decided to center my research around three common variables which were: commute time, the number of courses students are enrolled in (during the Winter 2023 semester), and the awareness/familiarity with TMU’s on-campus food services.

I conducted an online survey that contained six questions designed around these three variables. The QR code below will take you to my research poster which gives a detailed analysis and conclusion of the findings from my survey.


Student Life. Food. Academics

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