Mental Health Resources for Ryerson Athletes

Lucas Vukovic


Lucas Vukovic is a fourth year Professional Communication major, set to graduate at the end of this semester. He previously attended California State University, Bakersfield where he perused an athletic scholarship and communications degree. He plans to peruse a master’s degree in counselling and psychology once he graduates.

Research Summary

This research study is in the mental health field, with a specified focus on mental health resources for Ryerson University athletes. The study aims to examine the relationship and effects between mental health resources and Ryerson athletes, including awareness and effectiveness. It also examines the student-athlete perspective on the topic and how it relates to sport culture. Although the research is still being conducted, initial findings suggest the following: Student-athletes are aware of the resources available to them, mental health is a major priority for them, and although progress has been made in this field in the sports and athletics world, there is still room and need for growth.


sports; athletics; collegiate athletics

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