How The Fashion Industry Affects our Body Image

Rachel Dickson


Hi, my name is Rachel Dickson and I am a fourth-year student at Ryerson University studying communications, public relations and sociology. While in school I’ve also been working in retail for the past four years and have also been pursuing modelling for the past two years. After graduation, I hope to find a job in public relations and media as well as continue to pursue my dreams of modelling.

Research Summary

For my research project, I am focusing on How The Fashion Industry Affects our Body Image. The field that I have chosen is somewhat broad as it is open to all genders, ethnicities, sexualities etc. The fashion industry is massive and since everyone buys clothing, it can affect everyone meaning experiments can be done on essentially any person. I have used the data to determine who is affected the most by the standards set by the fashion industry. The main population/sample that I am focusing on is young adults, male, female, non-binary etc., as they are usually the most affected. In terms of variables, I am focusing on constant/controllable variables. For example, showing one group body positive advertisements and the other group very standard fashion advertisements and seeing how different the reactions are. I will be focusing on internal validity to draw my conclusions, showing how certain photos cause a different outcome than others. So far I have a lot of interesting responses and I hope that by the end I’ll have even more, in order to draw conclusions with the most accurate information.


fashion, body image, social media, clothing

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