Evaluating Post-Secondary Internships

Adam Morassutti


Adam Morassutti(he/him), was born and raised in the Toronto suburb of Richmond Hill, Ontario. Adam is in the 4th year of the Professional Communication program and has minored in Public Relations. Post-graduation, Adam hopes to find work in PR, writing, or marketing, and travel to places in the UK and Europe. Adam hopes to continue to grow professionally and personally, and gain new skills and experience. Outside of school and work, he enjoys hockey, indie music and spending time with friends and family.

Research Summary

This research project explores the topic of post-secondary internships, and explore’s students’ opinions and experiences regarding them. The project aims to answer numerous questions, including what do students value more, payment or experience? are unpaid internships ethical? are they worth taking? and how can we improve internships for young people in the future? Through a variety of methods, including secondary research, focus groups and surveys, it was found that students think that unpaid internships are unethical, but believe taking an internship is ultimately an endeavour worth embarking on. Students also offered several ways that they can be improved upon, including ensuring payment, offering more reasonability for interns, and more education from post-secondary institutions that prepare them for the workplace.


internships; workpalce; education ;employment ;ethics

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