E-Learning & Institutional Connection, Identification, and Academic Success

Brett Porter


Brett Porter is a graduating student of Professional Communication with a passion for sustainability and responsible corporate governance. He currently works as a communication specialist for a cleantech media firm and offers consultancy services on the side. Brett also currently coordinates digital media for an Ontario Liberal Party candidate and is a contributor to Ryerson’s Eyeopener newspaper. To learn more about him, you can visit www.brettporter.ca.

Research Summary

This qualitative research project aims to explore the impacts of digitalized teaching methods on interpersonal communications — and the resulting impact on Professional Communication students’ institutional connection and identification, in addition to academic performance. The study highlights mental health, skill acquisition, and alumni reputation — while addressing the contemporary lack of information on interpersonal relationships existing in academic e-learning related literature. More than 130 minutes of interview content was coded and content analyzed to produce the conclusions found in this research report. Existing constraints on social and financial capital, in addition to time limitations, facilitate the need for further research on this topic. Future studies should focus on broadening the scope of the research, beyond that of a small, close-knit and overly homogenous (white) population. Additionally, it should factor in geographic dispersion as a critical influencer.


e-learning; connection; social identification; interpersonal relationships

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