COVID-19 & ADHD (The Students’ Perspectives)

Katherine Gory


Katherine Gory is a fourth-year Professional Communication with a minor in English. She currently works as an intern at Insurance Portfolio Inc; a family-owned insurance brokerage. She enjoys creative writing and interpersonal communication and has developed many skills in this area, alongside various other tools and methods related to the field throughout her degree at Ryerson. Katherine has identified this, as well as her newfound love for entertainment content-producing (notably in regards to video games or literature) side of the industry as major points of interest, but keeps an open mind as to her future path and career.

She also hopes to get a master’s degree in relation to her interests, such as in literature or media in the next few years. Ideally, Katherine seeks to get her master’s to further develop technical skills to become a stronger all-rounded communicator to best suit whatever industry she enters.

Research Summary

“COVID-19 & ADHD: The Students’ Perspectives” is a research project that seeks to examine the experiences of students who are currently not seeking treatment for ADHD symptoms and their ongoing navigation of in-person vs. online post-secondary. This project employed interviews as the primary research method; a characteristic of a qualitative study.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought on for many, the introduction of online school. Students were made to adapt to the method of course delivery for health and safety concerns. However, the everchanging model of in-person vs. online was not easy for students to navigate, as depending on personal preference, the current delivery method might not be ideal for those navigating their ADHD symptoms.

This research project served to share the stories and experiences of students traversing both course deliveries with their symptoms and to discover trends and a possible solution to this phenomenon. 5 interviews were held with students, where 3 story-generating questions were asked, and results were compared alongside 3 general previous academic ADHD studies.


adhd; mental health; covid; education

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