Adriana Wiech Cat homelessness and Covid-19

Adriana Wiech


My name is Adriana and I am a professional communications student who is passionate about fashion communications and sustainability in fashion. Over the past four years I have worked hard to learn how to be an effective communicator and enjoyed the classes offered at ProCom while learning this. I hope to work in a career where I am able to be in communications and fashion. I believe that ProCom has given me the tools and practice to do well in a field where I can be an effective communicator, while doing what I am passionate about. In the future I hope to work in communications for a sustainable fashion or beauty company.

Research Summary

This research project discusses the increase of cats in shelters and homeless due to Covid-19, I will be researching why this is the case by interviewing, getting statistics and looking at the amount of homeless prior versus after the pandemic. This research is to help learn what the main reasons for cat homelessness are, in order to work toward rehoming cats. It is a topic that I am passionate about because I adopted a cat from a shelter and noticed it was a difficult process, and saw how many cats were still left. This research is important because cats can live to be well over twenty in a loving home, however on the street most pass away before age two and suffer greatly. This project will explain the way I collected my data, and how I did research to find my answers.


animal; adoption; rescue

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