The Importance of Live Events During a Global Pandemic


Mignardi, Maddy

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Maddy is a 4th year Professional Communication student at Ryerson University completing her final capstone project for CMN 490. She minored in Music and Culture and plans to work in the live music industry field after graduation. Before the pandemic, Maddy worked at the Danforth Music Hall as a front of house employee and attended musical concerts as a hobby. Live events had a huge impact on Maddy’s life since she has met some of her best friends and colleagues in this field and strives to evoke the same feeling amongst other concert attendees. During the pandemic, Maddy has taken an interest in supporting local businesses by creating a food Instagram to showcase Toronto’s greatest restaurants in an aesthetically delicious way. Post-pandemic, Maddy hopes to return to her job at the Danforth Music Hall to one day become a manager and continue to explore Toronto’s finest eats and build her social media presence on Instagram.



This project is about exploring the public’s opinion on whether or not live events should take place during the current global pandemic. Knowing how many jobs had been erased due to lockdown restrictions, bringing back the live events industry would allow employees to return back to their workplaces and avoid having to collect government funding. Alongside this, artists would be able to share their work to the greatest potential once more without the barriers of certain alternative event mediums (e.g. not being able to attend a drive-in concert because you cannot drive or get a hold of a vehicle). I hope to discover people’s desire for live events and if they believe this industry is a necessity during this pandemic as well as if they are willing to spend their money to attend these events if they were to occur. Gathering over 50 completed surveys, I have discovered that people are not willing to attend virtual events but are eager to get back to in-person events as soon as the vaccine is available to receive.

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