Exploring Company Culture at Sephora Canada


Niamir, Nikki

About me

My name is Nikki Niamir. I am a fourth-year student majoring in Professional Communications, minoring in English at Ryerson University. My interests include copywriting, internal communications, public relations, and social media. I currently work for Sephora Canada. After graduating, I hope to be able to use my organizational and communication skills in the beauty industry.



The success of a corporation heavily relies on its hardworking and passionate employees. A strong and well-maintained company culture is key for keeping employees passionate and engaged at work. The COVID-19 pandemic brought forth feelings of uncertainty and instability, especially in the retail industry. With this in mind, it became detrimental for corporations to keep the culture strong internally.  This research explored how, and whether the COVID-19 pandemic impacted Sephora Canada’s company culture by surveying current employees in Toronto, Ontario.

Lightning Talk

Project Tags

culture; internal; business; retail; interpersonal

Exploring Sephora Canada's Company Culture during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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