Beyond the Screen: A Social Commentary on Film


Peralta, Sophie

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Sophie Peralta (she/her) is a graduate of Professional Communication at Ryerson University with a minor in Fashion Studies. She is the co-founder and creative strategist at Peralta Public Relations, a boutique PR agency. After graduation she hopes to pursue a career in advertising, incorporating her love for intersectional storytelling.



The current landscape of film in a time of social isolation is as follows: with the shutting down of theatres there’s a rise in streaming services and an emergence of technologies that provide alternate ways for blockbuster films to reach audiences. The data collected for this study aims to understand consumer attitudes towards streaming movies at home, attending theatres and festivals, and preferences while watching movies with others. As well, it intends to illustrate how the film industry is changing in real-time within our digitally-driven world with interviews from professionals at Hot Docs and Cineplex Canada. It was found that prior to the pandemic, 89% of individuals said they enjoyed going to the theatre with company and, within the past year, 65% of individuals have subscribed to one or more streaming platforms. In the future, will we see a decline in movie theatre attendance or a boom with the desire to get out of the house and treat movie watching as a social and cultural experience?

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Beyond he Screen

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