2022 Signify: Submission Steps for Profile Forms

Step 1: Confirm your Signify WordPress Access

You’ll be using some powerful tools this semester, but they are secured behind a “Ryerson Firewall” of sorts. To begin, first login the Signify WordPress site well before you need to post your profile. If you’re having trouble using Ryerson’s required Microsoft Authenticator app, consult CCS’ setup guide or call CCS directly (…they may need to reset your multifactor over the phone).

Once you have logged into the WordPress site, submit your Signify Profile form by the (date determined by the organizing committee). Please note that your profile will be held in a queue for publishing approval by the editing team.

Step 2: If you need Adobe CC access…

All Creative School students have been given complementary access to Adobe CC. However, Adobe CC requires that:

  • Your computer has a minimum of 90% free space. If you need extra space, archive old files to your Ryerson Google Drive.
  • Restart your computer regularly (pro tip: if it’s old, restart right before you use an Adobe app and only open applications that you need).
  • Your computer is running a current Mac OS (if you haven’t updated your Mac OS because you don’t have enough space this will prevent you from running Adobe CC, so see above!). Here is a breakdown of the required Mac OS updates for Premiere, After Effects, etc…
  • You login using your @ryerson.ca email address and then choose the “Company or School Account” login option.

Step 3: Record and Edit your Lightning Talk

Great news: you won’t need to install Premiere in order to record and edit your lightning talk! You will be able to record, edit, and integrate the Signify branding directly from Panopto like I do in the video below.

After you record: using the sharing options I show you, you’ll need to copy and paste 1) the embed code and 2) your Panopto link into the matching text boxes in the Signify profile form.

If you haven’t watched any of the videos for CMN 480-90 yet, you won’t be able to record your video until you watch at least one (like the sample above).

Step 4: Submit your Signify profile.

Open up the Signify submission form. Be sure to add your 1) research website link and 2) have your your lightning talk i) link and ii) embed code as demonstrated in the above video.

Once you have submitted your profile, the editing team will review it. If you need to make a revision, please do so here.