The Leads

I was interested in participating in Signify 2022 as I thought it would be a great way to conclude my time at university. The marketing team was responsible for creating the event image, in close collaboration with the social media team. The two teams divided all the pieces needed to put Signify together in order to give the ProCom class of 2022 a chance to showcase their incredible research capstones. 

As the delivery lead, I work with my team to set up the Gather platform the event is taking place on, as well as coordinate the event schedule and finances. It was important to us to design an accessible event that would be enjoyable and beneficial to our graduating class.

As the social media leader, I oversaw all content creation for Signify 2022. It was important that the content strategy, design, and copywriting reflected the diverse and perseverant nature of the graduating class. In the future, I wish to explore professional communication work in conjunction with law and social justice.


As an industry lead, I invited professionals within various industries to attend Signify, network with emerging ProCom graduates, and participate in engaging and meaningful industry panels. This year, our graduating class is diverse in their interests and future career paths, and it was important for us to reflect this in the industry professionals attending. In the future, I plan to apply the skills I’ve gained from ProCom to design and market unique experiences that share stories and form connections, bringing a creative and strategic skillset to any position I undertake. graduating class.

As an Industry Lead, I reached out to experienced communication professionals from various backgrounds such as government, social and digital media, branding, and more, to participate in moderated panels and network with students to shape the mind of young professionals as they enter the field. Following Signify, I intend to utilize the creative, interpersonal, narrative communication, and strategic skills I have developed in this program to support future opportunities I undertake. 

I’m a matchmaker for Signify this year! My official title is an Industry Lead. Here’s a gist of what I’ve done; I recruited top talent within various industries to attend and foster a meaningful connection with this year’s ProCom graduating class at Signify. In the future, I will be venturing into the Toronto scene of arts and business with further territorial expansions as the years progress.

Industry Team

Hey, I’m Carly! I’m a member of the industry team for this year’s Signify showcase, helping to bring together communication powerhouses with ProCom’s graduating class. I have worn many hats throughout my university experience: a marketing intern, an events coordinator, and president of the university’s entertainment conference. I hope to bring together all of my previous experience to work in food-based media in Toronto after graduation.

Emmit-Jamal Brown, He/Him

Delivery Team

As a member of the delivery team, I worked with my co-members to decide the agenda, plan engagement, and most importantly, set up the Gather platform. We are committed to accessibility and inclusivity and you can see it in every part of our design. Moving forward, I will continue to uphold the values and skills I’ve gained through ProCom and Signify as I create written, oral, and visual content with an impact

Jacob Arsenault, He/Him

Margaux Perrin, She/Her

Marketing Team

Sofia Rodriguez-Garzon, She/They

I joined the marketing team as design consultant as I thought it would be an interesting way to close out my time at university, while also working with some of our best to create some lasting connections. I want to pursue a career in consultancy, or something of the like so this was also a great way for me to gain some worthwhile experience.

Since it is my last year as a ProCom student, I wanted to contribute to the 2022 ProCom cohort in a meaningful way by joining the Signify marketing team as a Graphic Designer. When I graduate, I hope to pursue a Master’s degree in digital media, where some of the key skills needed in the program are teamwork and collaboration. Joining the Signify team enables me to improve my collaborative and design skills, which will better prepare me for my future in the field of digital media.

Social Media Team

Within the team, I was the Social Media Planner, responsible for scheduling and posting on our different platforms. Being in such a role gave me the opportunity to showcase and celebrate my classmate’s work that they’ve been planning for the past two semesters. No matter the corporation I may work for in the future, this role has given me more experience in utilizing new and upcoming digital platforms, which will help me should I find myself in a social media planner/managerial position again.

As a copywriter for the Social Media Team, I chose to sign up for this role because I consider writing as one of my core strengths. In the past, I have been a mod for online community events where I was in charge of creating content for posting on social media. I felt that signing up for this position would help strengthen the skills that I have learned from my past experience while also being able to teach me new skills that I can use when working in similar positions in the future as well.

I am a copywriter on the social media team; I feel like social media plays an incredibly prominent role in delivering a message and cultivating a corporate identity, an aspect of a company that is of the utmost importance in today’s social climate. In the future, I would like to work in the public relations department for a tech startup.

Brittany Guthrie, She/Her

I am the social media community and engagement manager. I will be responding to any and all messages and comments sent to the Signify 2022 social media accounts. I took this role as I hope to be a community moderator in the future, and this is a great beginning!

While my responsibilities were in between both the social media and marketing teams, I consistently worked on many of the graphic elements for the Signify brand. This includes content on the website and on our social media profiles – I made sure things looked great! Any place where I can be creative is a place I like to be!

As a social media content strategist for Signify 2022, I contributed to the team’s overall content strategy. Based on this strategy, I formulated ideas for content to go up on the Signify Instagram page and communicated them with the team. I took this position because I was interested in Signify’s role in giving students a platform to showcase a culmination of their hard work and research, and I wanted to be a part of facilitating that platform.

Quang Dao, He/Him

Daniel Klapman, EDI Lead

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