Signify 2022 has put our attention towards making our event as accessible as possible for everyone. The following is an overview of our event platform Gather’s accessibility features:

Event Guides

Gather allows your character to be “linked” to another person and so that your character will automatically follow them around. This option is suitable for anyone who cannot use their keyboard to move their character around themselves. You are welcome to bring your own assistant to the event, or we can have someone available to guide you through the event.
If you need an event guide, please let us know when you register or email ASAP to make sure we have an event guide for you.


Signify 2022 will be providing ASL interpreters at all of the major speaking events, like the keynotes and panels. If you require an interpreter to be with you at all times during the networking portions of the event, you are welcome to bring your own interpreter. Or, if you need support getting an interpreter for the entire event, please email ASAP so we can help you organize that.


If you require or prefer closed-captioning, the Gather platform is fully compatible with Google Chrome’s built-in captioning plugin. On the Gather site an icon with a music note will appear in the Google Chrome toolbar and if you click that captioning will automatically appear for the entirety of the event.

High Visibility Paths

For those with low vision or other vision impairments, there will be a high visibility path in the digital event space to follow so you can find your way from room to room with ease.