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A collection of contemporary studies curated by the Professional Communication class of 2021.

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About Us

As one of Canada’s top communication programs, the Professional Communication (BA) degree at Ryerson University takes an innovative, future-focused approach to learning. Using both theory-based and hands-on instruction, this four-year program prepares students to be savvy communicators by equipping them with the tools to take on the demands of the 21st century.

Through specially-designed courses in written, visual and oral communication, students are pushed to develop analytical skills for unpacking how messages and media impact various organizations and society as a whole.

By studying methods and media used across today’s professional landscape, Professional Communication students immerse themselves in the realities of a wide range of industries and gain experience with a multitude of digital platforms and contexts.

Signify 2021

Each year, the graduating class of the Professional Communication (BA) program at Ryerson University hosts their annual showcase, Signify. Designed to celebrate the ending of an inspiring, exciting and enriching four years, our graduating class has spent the past two semesters preparing research projects that highlight the analytical, investigative and narrative skills that they have honed over the course of the Professional Communication program.

In a time ruled by technology, we are thrilled to be able to utilize the digital space to create new and exciting connections with industry professionals and colleagues this year. The 2021 Signify event will showcase research projects that span a number of industries, including technology, education, healthcare, and much more.

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