The Power Of Influence On Instagram


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My name is Jade Masiello and I am a passionate and self-motivated student in my final year in the Professional Communication Bachelor of Arts (Honours) program at Ryerson University. During my time at Ryerson University, I have had the opportunity to build and understand the relationship between message, audience, and context and my role as a communication professional in one of Canada’s top communication programs.I have excelled at illustrating creativity in communication projects and developed a unique ability to convey effective, clear, and concise messages through verbal, visual, and written communication. This has allowed me to cultivated effective written and verbal communication, interpersonal, and adaptability skills. I am looking to expand and leverage my knowledge in the communication, marketing, and public relations field. I have always been a creative person whether it’s writing, designing, storytelling and has been my passion since I can remember. I enjoy the creative aspect of any project, working with people, engaging in intellectual conversations, promoting and spreading awareness of issues happening in the community, and being a leader.



Throughout my research project, I will investigate the lived experience of Instagram. My topic is the power of influence on Instagram and my research question is how do specific posts on Instagram influence a viewers perception and emotion? As social media only continues to thrive and emerge as one of the most powerful communication mediums across the world, the strength of influence that derives from this platform form has become more prominent and relevant than ever. I will employ the Phenomenological approach for exploring and understanding meanings deriving from the lived experience of Instagram. The methodological paradigm that will be used is the qualitative approach that involves a lived experience interview in which I will ask open-ended questions as users are actively on Instagram and then collecting specific data from participants and developing a theory based on the observations in the non-structured interviews. Some interesting findings and common themes I have discovered thus far in my research is attainability. I have found that user’s friends, family or users who live a realistic lifestyle,  it is found to have more of an influence on their perception of the body due to the ideal body image being classified as is more attainable as it seems easily achievable rather than being compared to a well-known celebrity. However, another interesting finding and a common theme I found is that when one can relate to a celebrity or influencer on a mental or physical level, it can have a positive effect on their self-esteem as users find a sense of comfort and relief knowing a well-liked or successful being can relate to ordinary users on Instagram. 

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The Power of Influence on Instagram